Helping Stars Shine Brighter

When you choose Tom Spry, you don’t have to settle for anything less than fiercely tenacious matchmaking.  I have one true focus: boosting value by finding you truly brilliant leaders.  To that end, I identify stars who fit your vision, execute key strategies, and deliver above-and-beyond results.

Since 1999, my world-class executive search firm has built its reputation on strategic, long-term results: superior performance that is the result of new leadership.  Specifically, I love to help the kinds of brands that succeed as the direct result of stellar customer service, such as: restaurants, hospitality, franchising, and retail.

How do I do that?

  • I partner with you to identify ideal outcomes–and what kind of talent is most likely to achieve them—before finding the perfect fit for your culture.
  • I am uncharacteristically open and transparent with both clients and candidates since true integrity builds trust.
  • I am unaffected by current trends and market conditions due to my ongoing scope of influence with top-tier talent.

In summary, I don’t just fill jobs; I provide winning partnerships guaranteed to make your business brilliant.

Find your next shining star by calling (949) 582-7779 today.

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