Coaching can help a seasoned professional enter a new space more seamlessly, and can impact their results more powerfully and quickly.

For a coach to truly make a difference, he must have his own distinct point of view and a personal model for change.  A skilled coach will:

  • act as a sounding board and trusted adviser
  • bolster your motivation
  • serve as a mirror, reflecting your progress
  • help shape your personal and professional aspirations
  • hold you accountable to your goals

A sincerely helpful coach has a way of transforming universal truths into customized action plans.  Of course, words of wisdom are not enough.  A complementary “fit” is essential, too.  A coach’s advice must resonate and empower you.

To that end, I help people safely assess their professional situations with honesty, curiosity, empathy, and compassion.  Coaching clients who work with me can expect to gain:

  • confidence
  • insight
  • encouragement
  • inspiration
  • trust
  • inner peace

This is exactly why Bill Gates was quoted as saying, “We all need people who give us feedback; that’s how we improve.”

I am pleased to offer my services as an experienced coach, adding one more tool to support you.  To find out how coaching can serve your business, start the conversation by sending an email to

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